Can I Get a Mortgage with Zero Downpayment?

Unfortunately, No. There are currently no approved programs in Canada that allow borrowers to secure mortgage financing for 100% of a property’s value. A minimum 5% downpayment is required to purchase a property. These rule changes were brought in by CMHC on Oct 15th 2008.

With excellent credit and stable income, your interest rate will be fully discounted.

Renewing your mortgage is a hassle free process with us!

If you have an excellent credit rating and income, there are lenders who permit you to borrow your down payment.

The additional payments on the borrowed amount will need to be included in your qualifying ratios to ensure affordability for you and your budget – you don’t want to end up house-poor!

You can use many different sources to borrow your down payment, and Jason can assist in all of these, such as:

A line of credit

Credit card

Personal loan

Family member

Strategies to Achieve Zero-Down “Out of Pocket”

Enhanced Zero Down Flexible Payment

If you have zero down payment saved, you still have mortgage options available. There is confusion in the market due to recent changes in federal legislation eliminating bank cash back mortgages for zero down payment. Enhanced zero down flexible payment mortgage programs still exist. Bankers may say they don’t – they are available through my Mortgage Services.

These existing programs allow a first time or multiple time home buyer to purchase a home and own it outright with a standard mortgage at today prices. Prospective home buyers no longer have to sit, wait and watch home prices climb higher. Jason Ferguson has the affordable solution for owning a home sooner then expected.

Options available for:


First time home buyers


Multi-time home buyers

Cash Back Mortgage to Pay Closing Costs or Debt

A cash back mortgage is where a lender provides you with a percentage of the mortgage amount on closing – it can range from 1% to 5% of the mortgage amount.

The interest rates are slightly higher than discounted rates and are built into the mortgage though is often worthwhile or cheaper than borrowing from a credit card.

This is payable to your lawyer on closing and can be used to pay for:


Minor renovations




Moving expenses


Closing costs


Maybe a nice holiday or honeymoon!

The “Gifted” Down Payment From a Friend or Family

A “gifted” down payment is a great option; especially for first time home buyers. A close family member will provide you with a financial gift that makes up your down payment. The close family member might be a very loving parent, grand-parent, or sibling among others!’

All that is required is for the person who is providing the funds sign a Gift Letter that indicates that the money does not have to be re-paid, and then provide us a statement of the gifted funds being deposited into your account.

You will still need to have enough funds for your closing costs from your own savings which typically range from 1% to 1.5% of your purchase price.

This is a great option for:


First time home buyers